DC Meetup + Tweets of the Week

Craft Beer, Brain Export Controls, Ray Dalio, Lingling Wei, Property Taxes, Taiwanese Indie Rock, Temples and Yellow Dishes

I’ll be in DC Nov 8-11 and am planning on hosting a meetup on Monday Nov 8th from 5:30 to 8ish at Haikan on 805 V St NW. Please respond to this email if you’re interested in either the meetup or getting together at some other point while I’m in town!

And now, China Twitter Tweets of the Week makes a triumphant return.

So the takeaway is that after Xi nothing will be the same!?

Great thread

Chaoyang Trap House is the best English language content on mainland Chinese culture and all of you should subscribe.

Very trippy official Space Day of China art from 2019:

Incredible thread.