Live Event Tues at 2:30pm EST on Xinjiang + Tweets of the Week (Pokemon Censored, QAnon and Guo Wengui, Rabbit Heads in Chicago, Sea Monsters and SOEs)

Thanks to all of you for helping make my strategy for a Xinjiang full-court press ChinaTalk’s most viewed article.

I will be continuing the conversation online this Tuesday at 2:30 pm EST. I’ll start off by briefly discussing the proposal with Lawfare editor Jacob Schulz, and then open it up to questions and comments from you all. We’ll be hosting the event on Crowdcast, a platform that I promise actually makes webinars functional. I look forward to continuing the conversation next week.

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China Twitter Tweets of the Week

Listen to ‘Beijing Barry’ and make a plan to vote.

Thread my piece last week by Tanner.

Well, the firm that takes what may be a suboptimal strategy of over-investing in R&D could ultimately lose out to a firm that doesn’t, but on the margin, yes, probably true.




Translating popular fiction would probably do more good for China’s image than funding the thousands of Confucius Institutes. However, I’m pessimistic that the state organs now which fund translation will listen to Dylan and start putting real money toward works that could generate Three Body Problem-level hits and give Americans a more well-rounded sense of Chinese society than the mostly dissident literature that makes it in the US today.